Inertial Measurement Unit
CAN based

IMU-3000 Series

IMU Series

IMU-3000 Features


High Precision 3-axis MEMS Accelerometer.

Angular Rate

Low-Drift 3-axis MEMS angular rate sensor.


High Performance 3-axis AMR Magnetometer.

Plug and Play

Ready to use just plugin into your CAN port and you are ready to collect data.

100 Hz Update RATE

Fast update rates and short boot time less than 1s.


Extremely rugged IMU for the most demanding testing in harsh environments.

IMU-3000 Plugins

IMU 3000

Ready made plugin for all your IMU channels. Advanced data set of data can be collected close to 100 channels in total.

CAN Traffic

In case of support related issues the CAN Traffic plugin can be used live to debug the installation.