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Cloud Based data logging

Cloud-based logging is a powerful tool for collecting and storing large volumes of data. By leveraging cloud technology, engineers can log data directly to a secure, centralized location, making it easier to manage and analyze. Cloud-based logging also enables engineers to access data from anywhere, at any time, making it an ideal solution for remote monitoring and management.

CloudSoft features

<b>Ready Made</b>

Ready Made

Get Started in seconds with a plug’n’play hardware and professional online dashboard all ready in minutes.

<b>Open API</b>

Open API

Powered by the REST API. The API also makes it possible to integrate Cloud Platform into your IT infrastructure.

<b>ECU Network</b>

ECU Network

Diagnostics-oriented user interface ensures quick results for your complete fleet, vehicle network and ECU status.



Dedicated Admin Portal, which enables secure user administration at every organizational level.

<b>Remote </b>Setup

Remote Setup

Remotely configure your data logger and control the system over-the-air (OTA).



Powerful report generator for automatic analysis always at hand.

<b>Live</b> Data

Live Data

Visualise real-time data from any CAN network.

<b>Secure</b> Platform

Secure Platform

We offer end-to-end (E2EE) security from device to end user.



Set up notifications and be alerted to event based signal triggers and issues from the complete fleet.

<b>Data</b> formats

Data formats

Export industry standard formats such as Matlab, MDF4, CSV files and many more…

<b>Analysis</b> Big Data

Analysis Big Data

Easy to use analysis with signals as well as DTC Auditor and RAW CAN traces for deep dive troubleshooting.

<b>MFT</b> Services

MFT Services

Managed File Transfer and Secure solutions for AWS, Azure and GSuite are ready to use.



Exceptional cloud solution with leading-edge technology ready made to scale up and adapt to the growing needs of your projects.



Fleet owner management tool to supervise the health of all Gateways/Dataloggers and Vehicles.



Vehicle centric solution. Loggers can be swapped between vehicles without miss-match of data.



Perform complex calculations for triggers and alerts.

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