Monitor your
Charge Cycles



Data Logging Platform
Solution for EV data


Maintain Battery Health

Battery problems can cause complete failures, instant notifications allow users to be proactive. Alerts can be setup for any Trouble Code and Signal level.

Data Driven Solution

CloudSoft is designed for working with Real Time Data and historical data all complete Cloud based and Data Driven.

Cyper Security

Our hardware is designed for cyper security and built to be vehicle ready and easy to fit, and can monitor any type of battery supporting CAN and protocols like UDS and J1939.

Analyzing leading indicators enables diagnosis of battery cell issues months in advance

Sophisticated data augmentation techniques to support training of machine learning models

Models are able to run in real time in the cloud (for large scale data analysis)
Simulink Models or custom Phyton Scripts can easily be Implemented.

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Service and Diagnostics

Recording battery usage parameters (Pack SoC, Current Voltage, Max & Min Cell Voltage, SoC etc.)

Usage History

Usage history functions (for warranty purposes) with 8 years storage and secure backups.

ISO 14429

Handling of diagnostics messages and DTCs supporting ODX and GDX data bases and custom adaption.

Remaining Useful Life

Estimates the remaining time until the end of useful life

Batteries are usually guaranteed for a number of charge-cycles, CloudSoft carefully monitors these cycles as well as how the battery is charged.

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Battery Passport

Automatic Reports

Capacity Information and Charge Cycle Counts
Date when Installed and Uninstalled
Battery Manufacturer Details
Detailed history of the Battery ( Trouble Code report) Including cleared DTC´s

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Trouble Code Manager

Manage your BMS ECU´s pro-actively by getting notified of potential failures well in advance in the Auditor, customizable to your real-time monitoring needs.

Remote Configuration

Over Air, customized alerts, limits and thresholds out from the *dbc or ODX file to your specific application and ECU supported diagnostics.

User Management

You can share and access the data on Module level or Group Access depending on your need.

Remote Monitoring

All your vehicle battery packs in one system

Monitor all battery information such as operation parameters, utilization, and uptime in one place. Receive immediate notifications upon malfunction from the ECU, warning, or restriction of availability. Change setups add CAN Tracing and deep diagnostic request any time over the air.

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